We so often get asked, "Why Poodles?"  Actually that is a good question and I will attempt to answer it.  When I turned 'sweet sixteen' I wanted a poodle puppy for my birthday.  I grew up in a home where ALL dogs were outdoor dogs and I wanted an indoor dog.  Well my Dad relented and I was on my way to pick out a toy poodle puppy!  I picked the spunky black puppy with a mismark white spot on her chest; I named her Gidget.  She captured my Dad's heart and became a cherished family pet.  

So as you figured I am Way past the sixteen mark :)  and have owned been owned by 2 amazing Yorkies; Miko and Noah.  They were getting up there in years and I went through several years of cancer treatments for bone cancer.  Due to the treatments I now have sever allergy issues and was looking for a non allergic service animal.  

When I first laid eyes on Sienna, a beautiful red poodle out of Canada; I was enthralled!  I never realized all that this breed was capable of doing!  Rob, loved the attitude and loving nature of Sienna and he decided that he too wanted his own Poodle to take for walks with us.  So that is the beginning of the "why Poodles" saga!

You'll want to stay tuned for the "Best In Show" Blog!!! 





AuthorKaren Winters