Do you have a favorite season? If you think about that season, what is it that draws you into the Spring Rain, the warm, humid breezes of Summer, that crisp, frosty air of Fall or the romantic snow fall and warm fire of Winter? Life is like the seasons. We have the Spring of youth, the Summer of Adulthood, the Fall of being an empty nester or retirement and then the Winter of memories. Memories of all the seasons that came before.

I don’t know if one Season is highlighted over another. Oh sure, most folks would want to be youthful once again~but would you really? All those hard knock of life and lessons to be learned. Why do I muse about Seasons? Life once again has pulled back the cover to another season for us, here at Winters Wind. I would not call it the season of discontent by any means. It just another shift as we maneuver life’s path. Rob, my love and hubby was laid off this past August. For him it was a big change, a major storm in his Season. Funny, how life can throw us this curve and it reveals who we are at the soul. Over these past months we discussed so many options, prayed a lot and held fast to the anchor of our faith. After oh so many interviews, he had 3 offers…..none of them here! He finally landed on a job that at least was close, Chicago. Now the logistics of this arrangement hits! He lives in Chicago now 5 days a week. It’s his dream job. The one we prayed for and given!

My parents are 94, saw the Great Depression and my Dad served in the 82nd Army Airborne and freed the first city in France on D-Day. If your a history buff, the movie “The Longest Day” my Dad is the guy that fell into the green house in Ste. Marie Englise. He was Knighted by the President of France and Yes, I am very proud of my folks~best people ever. Here’s a link to the one of the articles :

So as you can see, moving isn’t an option. Given this fact we decided to take a hard look at our life and where we are headed; as in getting older… one, at least not me wants to think about that :) After much seeking advise from trusted family and friends we have made the hard decision to revamp Winters Wind over the next few years.

A new season will emerge after the dust settles. What does the new vision of Winters Wind look like? We will be getting out of Parti’s by the end of 2019. Our emphasis will be on Standard Poodles in White, Black and Silver. This has been a really tough and heart wrenching decision for us. We love all our colors of poodles and they all bring something wonderful to the breed.

The plan is to continue our work in the Service dog world, showing and doing performance. Our Retired guys will always be in our family; Roux, Indigo and Luna. The next Season will be moving forward with: Izabella, Dream, Teagan, Seville, Mystic, Sterling and Misty. We will use Aragon, Drakkar, Zane and Mr. Darcy as our sires in the next few years.

I do believe there is something about building memories and moments. I want to spend the few years I have with my parents, as focused moments. Those memories will be my treasure box in the years after they have gone. I want to enjoy my life with dogs as well and can never envision a life without them!

I so look forward to the new families that will join Winters Wind and the families that are currently in our hearts. Thank you for blessing me with your love of our dogs and won’t the future be bright!


AuthorKaren Winters