October is almost half over and the harvest has begun out here on the prairie. The clapping of the dry corn leaves in the wind heralds in sweatshirt weather. The Poodles can tell the season has changed, they romp and run more, now that the humid heat of summer has been blown away by the north winds.

We have a new litter of 6 puppies that arrived October 4th. It was first time to whelp by myself! Usually Rob is ever present when the event happens. He is gone during the week now, working in Chicago and takes the train home on the weekends. Sounds like a scene from a 50’s TV sitcom! Mystic, Litter parents (BIS UCH Edivette Noir Mystic at Winterswind and UCH Lord Darcy of Pemberley), did a fabulous job and we worked in tandem to bring these lovely puppies into the world. Funny how I still get the anticipation of excitement with each litter. It never becomes whoa Hum. But like Christmas morning, I eagerly wait to see what color and sex the puppies are. My gift at each whelping, the wonder of life coming into this world is so precious.

We are headed into the showring at the months end! This is huge for us, as due to health issues the past year we haven’t been able to show. Rob is just as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to going to a show! Deciding who will be coming to show, getting the travel trailer ready and deciding what the humans will wear! :) Isn’t fun that anticipation is almost as fun as the actual event!

Winters Wind is so proud of our home breed boy, Winterswind Sir Winston Of Chartwell Abby, “Winston” (AM CH UKC CH Sterling Black Magic Woman at Winterswind and AM CH MBIS UCH Edivette Black Temptation at Winterswind) entered the AKC ring with handler team, Swag. His first show was in September and by the end of September he had 2 majors (winning BOB, BW and taking 2~group 2 wins over specials!). Winston turned 1 at the end of September, so he is growing hair to enter the ring at the end of October! He just shy a few points, so we hoping he can come home soon!

Around October 31 we will look forward to another litter and the last for 2019. Teagan was bred to Mr. Darcy and an ultrasound confirmed she is pregnant! Mr. Darcy is out of our MBIS GRCH Hi Hat’s Dark Side Of The Moon and GRCH Jacknic’s Rainy Day Champagne. Mr. Darcy has a quiet yet fun loving personality. He is loyal to his people and I expect that we will have lovely temperaments in this litter.

I look at the calendar and realize 2019 is slowly closing the door on this year. What will 2020 look like? This thought always dances across my mind as Thanksgiving approaches. Remembering our blessings of 2019 with thankfulness; not wanting to rush the new year but to savor what is left of this year. It’s like looking forward to dessert after a scrumptious meal.

Winters Wind will have some surprises I do believe for 2020. Just as I wrote at the beginning of this blog; anticipation is a joyful part of the waiting! So……be joyful as this year starts to close. Be thankful for all your blessings and for family and friends. Let the hurtful things of this year be a vapor that disappears into the air. Nothing good can come from remembering those kind of things. Forgive those who have wounded you either with words or physically. You will have a lighter spirit, your laughter will be genuine and your heart healthier!

So for the plans for 2020……………….anticipate!


AuthorKaren Winters