There are some available reserved spots available at this time.

Puppies should have nice movement, sound temperaments and a willing to please attitude. We expect show, performance, pet and therapy-service dogs from this pairing. Expect size ranges from 24-26” at the shoulder and weight as adults from 50-60#

pet price is $2200

show price is $3000 ( there is a show contract)

service/therapy price please contact me.

Testing for “Teagan” :


Pedigree: http://poodledata.org/pedigree.asp?ID=458739

Testing for “Mr. Darcy”:


Pedigree: http://poodledata.org/pedigree.asp?ID=483330

Parents are VGL tested and on Better Bred. This pairs genetic relatedness is -.02%

Potential outlier index is .28