Litters shown below the video

Updated 7/8/2019

The video below shows you are whelping room and explains our process.

Izabella x Logi Litter has arrived

May 4th Izabella’s had 13 babies

The Mythology Litter

Proud parents are Winterswind Jewel of the Nile and Winterswind Fire Bringer

Colors are solid black and Light Red/Apricot

All puppies are spoken for.

Izabella’s Pedigree:


  1. Breeder Pick Female

  2. Mike ~ `M or F

  3. Faythe S ~F

  4. Tammi M~M or F

  5. Ann L~ M

  6. Christine W~ M

  7. Alan J~ F

  8. ILse F.~F

  9. Jasmine P. M or F

  10. Kelsey J. M

  11. Jamie G. M

  12. Gayle V F

  13. Ann G. M

Mythology Litter


Pink Dot Female~Light Red/Apricot “Aurora” Morning Dawn

Pink Stripes Female~ Light Red/Apricot “Ceres” Harvest

Orange Dot Female~ Black “Hera” Protectress

Green Stripe Female~ Black “Selene” Love

Green Dot Female~ Black “Astra” Stars

Blue Stars Female~ Apricot “Rhea” A Flowing Stream


Yellow Square Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Hercules’ Glory of Hera

Blue Stripe Male ~Apricot “Apollo” means Light & Fire

Orange Squares Male~ Black “Zeus” Thunder

Yellow Stripe Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Loki” Mischief

Green Squares Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Phoenix” Fire Bird

Orange Male~ Black “Atlas” To Carry

Blue Dot Male~ Apricot “Hermes” our Amazing Boy! Messenger