Updated 5/10/2019

The video below shows you are whelping room and explains our process.

Izabella x Logi Litter has arrived

May 4th Izabella’s had 13 babies

The Mythology Litter

Pet Price $2000 Show/Breeding Price $3000

Proud parents are Winterswind Jewel of the Nile and Winterswind Fire Bringer

Colors are solid black and Light Red/Apricot

We have space for 2 more reservations for Males.

Izabella’s Pedigree: http://poodledata.org/pedigree.asp?ID=483328

OFA: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=Winterswind%20Jewel%20Of%20The%20Nile

  1. Breeder Pick Female

  2. Mike ~ `M or F

  3. Faythe S ~F

  4. Tammi M~M or F

  5. Ann L~ M

  6. Christine W~ M

  7. Alan J~ F

  8. ILse F.~F

  9. Jasmine P. M or F

  10. Kelsey J. M

  11. Jamie G. M

Our Males~ 2 spots available

Our Girls ~ none available

Mythology Litter


Pink Dot Female~Light Red/Apricot “Aurora” Morning Dawn

Pink Squares Female~ Light Red/Apricot “Ceres” Harvest

Orange Dot Female~ Black “Hera” Protectress

Green Stripe Female~ Black “Selene” Love

Green Dot Female~ Black “Astra” Stars

Pink Stripe Female~ Apricot “Rhea” A Flowing Stream


Yellow Stripe Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Hercules’ Glory of Hera

Blue Stripe Male ~Apricot “Apollo” means Light & Fire

Orange Squares Male~ Black “Zeus” Thunder

Blue Squares Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Loki” Mischief

Green Squares Male~ Light Red/Apricot “Phoenix” Fire Bird

Orange Stripe Male~ Black “Atlas” To Carry

Blue Dot Male~ Apricot “Hermes” our Amazing Boy! Messenger

Winterswind Fire Bringer “Logi”

Pedigree: http://poodledata.org/pedigree.asp?ID=513371

OFA: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=Winterswind%20Fire%20Bringer