Comments from our Winters Wind Family

Karen raises poodles with brains , knowledge and intuition . She is very knowledgeable and I trusted her to pick my poodle for me .Oh was she right and precisely what i asked for . We are eternally thankful to her . I have no words to explain . Our Spoo is so intuitive , loving , intelligent and handsome , everyone stops us when we walk him . Karen : you are a star from the sky ! Thank you ! Abraham Rosier

I just wanted to thank you for our fantastic dog!  Rita is so beautiful and smart and easy to train and affectionate and funny and fun.  We are madly in love with her.

She has completed puppy kindergarten and basic obedience training and I want to sign her up next for advanced obedience and agility training in the near future.

She also plays in the hose sprayer like Luna and is interested in being in the lake.  I can’t wait until it is warm enough for me to take her swimming.

And I wanted to thank you for the grooming lessons. We have groomed her about 3 times now, doing a different portions at a time about every two weeks or so.  She has become more patient with us and we have gotten a bit more confident.  Funny how those things go together!  Also, we are also grateful she is so beautiful because our amateur mistakes don’t seem to matter too much.  

Stephanie Sommers

Miss Maisy is doing absolutely amazing. We have totally fallen in love with this happy, smart and funny girl! Our groomer loves her, our dog trainers are very impressed with her and she is fitting in with the rest of the pack wonderfully. I have taken her to work and she has been calm, inquisitive and friendly. Housebreaking was a piece of cake for her. She has learned to use the doggie door and love playing in the yard with the other dogs. I think this has been one of the easiest pups we have ever had. Thank you for giving her such a great start in life! 

Leslie Bever

Maisy is out of Siri and Indigo

Maisy is out of Siri and Indigo

Mocha has his CGC. We are now in Advanced class and working for our CGCA. Should be real soon.

In the meantime, we tried Fast Cat. What a hoot! The first day, he went balistic and got out of the runway and was running looking for me and had everybody on a merry chase trying to catch him. Needless to say, he NQ’d. The next day, Mocha caught on to Fast Cat. We figured out not to have a man hold him at the start line, so I got a woman to hold him and then I walked down the outside to the other end. He watched closely. Then, when you get to the other end, you jump up and down and act like a crazy person and call the dog. The lure is released and the dog runs. He went 23.59 MPH and almost caught the lure. He was so happy and goofy when got there. Well worth the fun.

Am thinking about doing that again.

AKC has come up with so many new tests, trials, and “games”, all with titles. They even have a title for tricks.

He’s still the love of our lives and keeps us both entertained. Carol Myers

I'm so happy with Ada, my 11 month old girl.  She's smart, savvy, athletic and stunning!  She's done great in the conformation show ring and is a natural in agility.  More than that, I love Karen's home and the wonderful thought and planning that she's put into creating her incredible setup for raising puppies!  From a very young age the puppies are given loving socialization by Karen and kind visitors, are groomed regularly, Ada came to me with no vices or fear about being groomed. They are constantly being given new toys and have a play area as well as a deluxe whelping nest, stimulation as well as personality testing to ensure that pups are placed with the right families.   I highly recommend Winterswind Poodles and would definitely get another.

Lynelle Mellecker 



I am 100% satisfied with Karen Winters and my treasure, Ramone. Please know that if you get one of her puppies, you are guaranteed a well thought out breeding, conscientious and responsible. She runs Volhard testing on all litters and is an advocate for her dogs giving back thru service work. Karen has been responsive to questions, inquiries are welcomed. They always say it's a good sign if you would buy the same car again if you had it to do over. I would purchase my pup over and over. Thank you Karen.

Mary Menne


If you are looking for an amazing puppy from an equally amazing breeder, Karen Winters, owner of Winters Wind Standard Poodles, is who you want to meet.  Karen is passionate about maintaining a quality line of standard poodles.  Her puppies have excellent lines, most from Champion or Grand Champion parents.  Her adult dogs are health tested to make sure the puppy you bring into your home is as genetically as healthy as possible.  Karen is always available to answer any questions you have before and after the adoption of your new family member.  I am lucky enough to be a Mom to one of Karen's babies.  He is absolutely the sweetest, most loveable boy I could wish for.  He is extremely smart and always willing to please.  Winnters Wind Lavender's King Louis, or Louie for short is my lovebug and I would be lost without him.  He stole a piece of my heart the minute I saw him.  Thank you, Karen Winters.         

Terri Lavender

"Louie" belongs to Terri Lavender

"Louie" belongs to Terri Lavender

I could not have asked for a better experience than I had getting my first standard poodle puppy from Winters Wind Standard Poodles. Ziggy has been a dream come true and Karen has been there to help  me throughout my journey with my first poodle baby, always willing to answer my thousands of questions. The love she has for her dogs shines through with the wonderful care she gives them. The love and kindness she shows to the people she entrusts with her precious babies is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Winters Wind family.                              ~Katie Burrell       

"Ziggy" belongs to Katie Burnell

"Ziggy" belongs to Katie Burnell

I was looking for a new pup after the loss of my beloved standard poodle, Grace, to IMHA.  I came across Winters Wind’s litter announcement on Facebook. I had been told to look for a low COI (not that I knew what that was) and low & behold this number was listed right on the announcement.  I called Karen.  She explained what COI was, the extensive testing she does on the sires/dams and how she home raises and socializes the pups.  I was in!  I put down my deposit and started making travel plans to fly from Atlanta to pick up my new baby boy.  I couldn’t be more pleased with Jax!  He is utterly amazing – sweet, loving, gentle, confident.  He is such a good boy that I have decided to pursue pet therapy with him.  Jax & I play on the agility equipment and kick the ball in the backyard. He camps, hikes & visits the beach with the family.  He is doing great at obedience! Since his mother is a champion dock diver, we have taken Jax swimming at the pool, lake & dock diving pool.  At 4 months, he made his first dive.  When we aren’t playing or training, he is a little love bug,  I could not be more happy with Jax, Winters Wind or Karen.  If I ever have a question or issue, I text Karen; she is always there for me.   J.L. Hopkins

Jax (photo below)



Our beautiful Winters Wind PAD Olympia's Flame has been such a blessing to Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA. Working with Karen has been nothing less than stellar from day one. She is knowledgable and pleasant and we have been extremely happy with our puppy! Best Poodle experience for us as a program! 


Linzey Zoccola



I have know Karen and Rob for several years and have always been amazed at the beautiful poodles they raise.  This year I was honored in being able to own one.  My beautiful Miss Judy has almost completed her service dog training and will be my ‘ears’..  Waking me with the alarm, letting me know when someone is at the door, alerting me to smoke alarms and also to sirens both at home and in the car.  

Karen has made herself available to answer questions and give advise I have needed on keeping Judy happy and healthy.  

Thank you Karen and Rob …  Winters Wind Standard Poodles!

Dawn Turner

Fulton, IL

Judy, Dawn Turner's little girl

Judy, Dawn Turner's little girl

My husband and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a long time, and I spent weeks researching breeders all around the country and Canada. WintersWind Poodles impressed me above all others, and Karen was unbelievably helpful in answering A LOT of questions, sending me videos, and holding on to the pup until we were back from a trip. Tashi puppy has been a pleasure since the moment he arrived. Karen really does breed for temperament, looks, health – people constantly “ooohh” and “ahhhhh” because he is so stunning in the way he moves and is structured.  Just today, someone said, “that must be a show dog!” As far as personality, he is friendly, outgoing, funny, cuddly, affectionate, and so very smart – he makes things very easy for me, as a first-time dog owner. Even now, when he is almost 8 months old, I have contacted Karen for a few Tashi questions and she gets right back to me. I really feel supported by Karen – that she will always be part of Tashi’s (and by extension, our) family. My husband said that in a year or two he would also like a female poodle, and there is no question that we would only consider Winters Winds poodles. Thank you, thank you for our wonderful boy!


Jacqueline and Jeffrey Mann

Loving ‘parents’ of WintersWind Tashi Mann