This is a sample of our health contract.

 Winters Wind Standard Poodles

The dog you have purchased is guaranteed for two years for any life-threatening genetic problems, from the date of their birth. Although we have health tested all adults before they are bred we realize that issues still pop up due to genetics. 
If your vet finds a genetic condition that requires your puppy to have to be put to sleep due to extreme cost or the quality of life for you and your dog, a replacement puppy will be given to you when the next litter is available, provided I receive a written report from your vet that the puppy was euthanized. 

I need to be notified of this condition as soon as possible to give you the best opportunity of a desired replacement puppy. 

We will do our best to allow you to pick a puppy only from those litters available for pets, but there is no guarantee of an exact match of coloring or pedigree.

This guarantee does not cover poor nutrition (please see our health column on our about page) or worming after three days of delivery.  I recommend that within 72 hours of receiving your puppy to have a full health check done by your vet.  If your vet finds a serious condition within this three-day period a full refund will be given with the return of the puppy and a full vet report, or if you prefer a replacement puppy of the same value will be given if one is available. Puppies can have worms, Giardia or other “puppy type issues”.  These are considered normal conditions for puppies and not a reason to return a puppy.
Puppies/dogs require medical check-ups, immunizations, periodic deworming, heartworm preventative and sometimes surgery. All vet bills are the responsibility of the new owners. As a breeder I am not responsible for color, issues with bite or teeth, temperament problems, accidental death, biting or other situations that may be caused by new environment and care. 
This contract does not cover puppies that have not had proper care, such as housing, grooming, or poor food. We are feeding a grain free, raw type diet currently or on Diamonds No GMO Salmon (available on Chewy.com).

Vaccines are to be given according to a low vaccine protocol schedule (Dr. Dodd's).   

This health guarantee does not cover an animal that has been used for breeding. It is null and void if the animal is not spay/neutered after 18 months of age. Waiting for spay/neuter in poodles is important. They are a slow growing breed and need these hormones for good health later in adulthood.

Proof of spay/neuter will be sent to the breeder.  If it is found that this puppy/dog was used for breeding an additional fee of $2,5000.00 is to be paid to the breeder by owner and puppy/dog is to be returned to the breeder along with any registration papers and titles.
At no time is this puppy/dog to be placed in a shelter or rescue!  If at any time during this puppy/dog’s life you can no longer care or house the pup/dog it must be returned to the breeder at no charge with no monies returned to owner.  The puppy/dog you have purchased is not to be sold unless spayed/neutered and notification to breeder. If it is found that the puppy/dog was sold intact an additional $2,5000.00 fee will be paid to the breeder. 

Winters Wind does not pay for any vet bills or shipping costs to return a puppy. 


Rob & Karen Winters, 640 Smit Road, Prophetstown, IL 61277   563-249-7777
AKC registration papers will be sent to you by AKC, please keep this paper work in a safe place, 
it is proof of ownership. 
This contract is to be considered legal and binding in a court of law.   Any legal fees to enforce this contract will be paid by the puppy/dog owner not Winters Wind.
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I have read and understand this contract. I am buying this puppy/dog as a pet to be spayed or
neutered at 18 months of age.

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Rob & Karen Winters  Winters Wind Standard Poodles

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