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The Winters Wind Story

Winters Wind Standard Poodles

Winterswind Sir Winston Of Chartwell Abbey “Winston”

Winterswind Sir Winston Of Chartwell Abbey “Winston”

Our story began with one red standard poodle puppy named Sienna. Rob and I believe when we first held her, that the seed for Winters Wind was planted. It is fascinating how the human heart beat can connect with the heart of our canine family. Parents can understand, as it is similar to the bond that happens when you first hold your newborn.

Often we hear from people who do not own a Standard Poodle, that they are fru fru dogs.  Far from it!   Here at Winters Wind we believe that the Standard Poodle has the capability to perform at any task. We see this in our poodles. Our dogs and dogs from our lines have titles in: Conformation, Service & Therapy Work (certified), Weight Pulling, Dog Sledding, Obedience, Rally, Lure Coursing, Dock Jumping, Agility, Fly Disc, Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Field Trials, and one is working on a herding title! We hope to add search and rescue work to this list in the future.

We are serious breeders, not “Hobby Breeders or breeders that do this for fun”; it is a serious decision to breed animals. It takes time; not just in chores and raising puppies, rather in researching for the right lines and checking for genetic issues within those lines. There is the cost of getting dogs and then they may not make the cut after investing in training, showing, genetic testing and vet bills. So then we start again with a new puppy and the investment begins again. When someone asks, “Why do your dogs cost so much? I found one on Pet Finder for less.” This is why. A puppy is in investment in your family. I remind folks you can invest in a healthy puppy or spend money on vet bills for a less expensive puppy.

Winters Wind has health tested poodles because our mission is to improve this amazing and versatile breed. Testing done is: Hips/Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid, Eye’s, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE) and Von Willebrand’s (VWD). In your puppy packet you can request a copies of all the testing and results or they are available on the OFA site. We also are working toward having all our dogs VGL tested for diversity through UC Davis University. Diversity is needed within the breed.; by using the VGL testing and matching our Poodles to Poodles of outside genetics, we can strength the immune system of our dogs.

Not all Poodles are created equal. Winters Wind strives to give each puppy born here an edge or a jump start. Beginning with Momma getting excellent nutrition, supplements, exercise and health checks. Puppies are born in a whelping room right off our bedroom (video under the litters tab) We have invested in a state of art neonatal unit which includes an special incubator (Puppy Warmer), oxygen bubblier, uniquely designed whelping box and our vet makes house calls. We begin ENS at day 3 - 16, puppies are exposed to the Rule of Seven. You can google these training methods to learn more. On a side note that Dr. Jeannie mentioned in the article owns a Winters Wind Poodle. We also use Puppy Culture in raising these wonderful puppies. Our puppies are given toddler interactive toys for increased cognitive skills, we have a puppy play gym (concept is similar to the play sets for infants and toddlers), we host puppy play days; we invite friends and families to come and socialize with our puppies. Puppies when older are exposed to kittens, cats, and other small dogs ( Yorkies). Puppies are beginning house training at 4 weeks (special whelping box design) and begin crate training before leaving our home. Puppies move from their whelping room around the age of 4 weeks to our living room. Here they are exposed to the tv, vacuum and other family noises; from here they can romp freely around our home. This is what we believe sets, a Winters Wind Poodle apart. Like children they say the most informative years are up to age 8. Our philosophy is the first 10 weeks of a puppies life are critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. This is why we keep our pups until at least 10 weeks of age.

If you want your puppy to have training before leaving here, please let us know. Allison Lindsey is our trainer and will train your puppy on the following: heel/leash training, sit, stay, down, place, release and focus. She charges an additional fee. Please contact us for pricing on this additional service.

                     Winters Wind Standard Poodles~there is nothing standard about our poodles.

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Licensed by the  State of Illinois  #037-15110

AKC Inspected & Compliant Kennel

                 What goes into the breeding of a Winters Wind Poodle


We are committed to breeding a Standard Poodle that is as close to correct structure according to the breed standard.  We believe this creates the overall picture of a poodle that glides down the sidewalk, makes heads turn in the show ring, leaps in the fields and creates the wonderful silhouette seen around the world in the Poodle. In breeding we have a high standard for temperament, performance and structure in every Poodle we breed. 





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We have Total Dog Awards to show our Poodles are the complete package.  Beauty with Brains.  To this end our dogs participate in Performance events.  It shows that a Winters Wind Poodle is structurally sound and that they  can perform tasks.  Our dogs are titled in or working on titles in: Lure Coursing, Obedience, Agility, Nose Work, Dock Jumping, Fly Disc and even that of Service Dog!



Winters Wind will not breed any animal until 2 years of age and only after Health Testing is complete.  Our dogs have CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) this certification give Puppy buyers the knowledge that the parents of the their puppy has passed important health testing standards.  Upon request we will provide copies of all health testing.

We also believe in Dr. Jean Dodds low vaccine protocol. 



Member of Better Bred

Member of Better Bred


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