Remember how I said that Rob hadn't been bitten by the show bug.......after that win; he had the initial symptoms for a case of the Fever!  Show Bug Fever!  He came back to the grooming area, heady with triumph; slapping backs with Chuck and Gary.  Football players in the locker room had nothing on these guys!  The boys all went out front to get ready for the Gun Dog Group event.  This is where Rob and Sienna, represent the Gun Dog Group for a chance at Best In Show.  That's huge, well to us it was, since we had only been in 3 shows (counting this one).  Illusions of Westminster like sugar plums danced in my head!

There was a nice showing for the Gun Dog Group, around 12 dogs.  Sienna and Rob looked polished and ready to show.  Okay, I have to say my husband is a very tall and handsome man, so when he enters the ring people notice.  Once again, I am sitting in the back so that Sienna wouldn't get a whiff or sight of me.  They really did look amazing as they glided around the ring. Rob's long legs, made Sienna reach out in perfect poodle movement.  I could hear the people around me making comments on these two; I was so proud!  The ring time seemed to go so quickly and now the judge was making his choices.  Three beautiful rosettes, flowed gracefully from his hand......Tension mounted.....who won this event went on to the coveted Best In Show ring.  Rob kept his focus between Sienna and the Judge.  The Judge awarded 3rd place, then stood back for a last look at the line up.  He moved forward, in slow motion for me.......stood in front of Rob and awarded Rob the 2nd place Rosette and then moved on to award the 1st place ribbon to the Golden Retriever.  Was I disappointed?  Well yes, I was although happy with 2nd in the group, after all we made it to Group.

How do you know you have Show Fever?  Some of the symptoms are:   A person has a skewed color see in hues of BLUE!  Blue being the color of a 1st place ribbon!  As the fever progresses it can include Pink and blue color vision.......BIS Ribbon colors!  Some individuals have a heightened sense of being critical about oneself.  If this occurs, its advised to look in the mirror and say this mantra;' I did my best. I did my best.  You can't win every event. You can't win every event'.  In some cases of the disease you will begin to steal Rosettes from the show secretary tables or from a display of another handler.  If you notice an abnormal competitive drive.....( left untreated this can become dangerous), such as: pushing other competition or taking leashes and brushes from another competitor and yelling at the Judge. If you have the later symptoms, its time to seek professional help! The Disease is in its final stages.

I would say Rob and I were in early onset of Show Fever........I was seeing Blue!  Rob, left the ring very happy with his Red Rosette Ribbon.  We proudly displayed it on Sienna's kennel as we watched the BIS ring.  I noticed a heightened awareness of the BIS ribbon as it lay on the table; the biggest ribbon I had ever seen with long flowing tails......cue angel choir..and a beam of light..

The glorious Ribbon was awarded, everyone applauded and the lights dim on another show weekend.

Rob and I both talked on the drive home about getting to the BIS ring one that would be amazing.  He shared his disappointment in not getting first in the Gun Group and though he was pleased pleased with his performance; that blue ribbon was so close.  Stage one of Show Bug Fever!

I suspect Show Fever is HIGHLY contagious to anyone who is showing.........I probably should look it up on Web MD!

AuthorKaren Winters