If you have been following our blog you have a good sense of who we are at Winters Wind Poodles.  Yes, we have silly times and those thought provoking moments; we enjoy life and embrace all it offers us.  You understand why we entered into the zany world of breeding and showing this versatile breed, the Poodle.

With the addition of Kenzi, our silver girl, we stepped into the world of the American Kennel Club. It is similar and yet different from the United Kennel Club in that here Owner/handlers are few and the professional handler is used most times.  You will also note the Poodle's appearance is now only in the continental cut for adults and puppy cut for under 12 months.  The use of hair product, color and switches is used, though not in the standard.  These are strictly prohibited in the UKC ring and cause for disqualification.  It is interesting if you put the AKC and the UKC Poodle Breed Standard next to one another, they are identical.  So you ask yourself why go to the expense of paying for handler, etc. etc.  In this world of dog showing, AKC still carries a great deal of weight; it could be because of Westminster Dog Show or just the "impression" that the AKC title holds in other people's minds.  Also AKC does not allow the markings or coloring of the Parti Poodle..............but that's a whole other blog post!

For us the, To AKC or Not to AKC.......was a tough decision.  The cost of hiring a handler is considerable and to allow your precious pup to go off for months to live with the handler isn't any easy one.  The decision was made via the co-ownership agreement that we have with Kenzi's breeder.  It was a stumbling block for me to get over and see the benefits of having a Poodle in the AKC spotlight made sense.  So we bit the proverbial bullet and put our foot into the AKC pond......I still wanted a life jacket though!

Now that Kenzi was in the ring and was doing great, we made another decision ......... Luna, our solid blue girl,who is both AKC and UKC registered; we threw her into the same pond!  No life vest..............she will be handled by both my hubby and a handler!  Rob felt ready to enter into this pro/owner ring.  So we committed..............I should BE committed somewhere!  Luna is entered in her first AKC show, but we have an advantage.....she stays with us and we attend the shows.  I like this better.......I never could have sent my kids off to a boarding school either!    

We are still thoroughly invested in the UKC events and both girls will be titled in UKC as well.....but I figured if I can't beat 'em.....................join 'em!  I'll blog more about our experiences as we move further into the deep end of the pool!  In the mean time I am extremely pleased to announce that Kenzi, Sterling Beyond the Clouds has her first show under her belt and walked away with a MAJOR!  From what I hear that's pretty impressive!  I'm still trying to learn the AKC point system (which I think I need an Attorney to help me decipher! ) which is more complicated then the UKC point system.  

Oh well......I suppose I had better study up on my mad math skills!  Sounds like if I am going to AKC or Not to AKC.............better learn the language!



AuthorKaren Winters