Indigo, our new arrival was growing so quickly.  Spring was upon us, the snow piles became small streams of water rushing toward the woods behind our home.  Funny how Spring rejuvenates not only nature around us but in each person there is a stirring within.  Anticipation of sun, warmth and trailers!  Okay, maybe you don't think trailers in April but I did!  

In attending more dog shows, I kept seeing a common site.....yes trailers and RV's.  I began to think that if we wanted to really belong in the "club" a travel trailer was what we needed!  If I were a red head, which I'm not......Lucy would be my other half.  Have you seen the movie, "The Long, Long Trailer' ?  The stars are of course Lucy and Desi!  Now if you HAVE seen the movie you will be able to appreciate this blog, oh so much more!  If not, rent the movie.....your funny bone will be so glad you did!  In this scenario Rob is oh so classic Desi and I am the zany red head.......Lucy.

It began after we returned with Indigo.  I started to explain to Rob that the cost of going to shows would be so much less if we had a travel trailer.  Hotels are costly and it can be hard to find a hotel that allows more then one dog.  Now that we had 2 poodles, it could be a problem finding hotels.  Also, wouldn't it be nice to go back to the oh so close trailer in between shows to relax, have a snack or take a nap?  Rob began to enlighten to my way of thinking; after all it does get to be a long day of sitting in camping chairs while awaiting your next ring time.

During the last part of winter is when the Trailer/RV Shows begin.  So we started our search for the perfect little trailer!  Never-mind you, we had never hauled anything behind our car except for a u haul!  We had delusions of grandeur, ignorance is bliss!  Looking on the internet also helped to fuel our frenzy for the luxury home on wheels!  RV's with outdoor shows and built in grills. Trailers with slide outs that made the space inside double.  Imagine a fat bass, swimming past that popping lure.....stalking ready to strike!  I think those sales guys saw us, like that fisherman saw his bass.......hooked!

Reality set in when we saw the price tags on those beauties!  We decided to step back....take a deep breath and reevaluate!  An RV was definitely out, checked off the list!  We couldn't afford the gas let alone the rig!  Now a sweet travel trailer......yes we could do that!  A little cottage on wheels, was our dream.  We began to stop at every trailer dealer along our route and expanded the search to a 1 hour radius from our home.  Going in and out of small trailers, trailers with canvas extensions, large trailers, 5th wheels and pop up campers......rather like Dr. Seuses' "One Fish, Two FishRed Fish, Blue Fish"   I mean, who knew there were so MANY types of trailers!  What this did do for us was to help us narrow our search, see the target price and set a bulls-eye!

I still recall the day.....cold and windy, grey April skies threatened a shower as we walked on the wet gravel of another dealership.  I rounded a large 5th wheel and there she was.........a Dutchman trailer!  This is significant since my husband, Rob is Dutch!  It was a sign from heaven, I was convinced; this little beauty was THE ONE!  Rob approached me from behind and he saw THAT look.  We walked in awe up to "our" trailer.  First we slowly walked around her, just the right size........see as we searched we began to realize that size mattered........when it comes to towing weight!  Looked like nothing was wrong with the outside so.....we approached the was unlocked!  As if opening Pandora's box, the door slowly opened and my eyes beheld the glory of the interior.  It's a 28' Dutchman lite, which means our SUV can handle the size and weight.  It has a queen and a bunk house in the back.  No slides, but only had one owner, it was in excellent condition.  We bought it that day and are now the proud owners of our own dog show travel trailer!

AuthorKaren Winters