I am confessing, fall is my favorite time of year!  Pumpkins adorn the entries to homes, autumn leaves, like a patchwork quilt cover the ground.  The chill in the air make one reach for their favorite fleece or sweatshirt.  Waking in the morning to the intricate lacy artwork that only "Jack Frost" can do.   Oh and that smell......the hint of a fire in someone's back yard makes me want to race to the store to stock up on smore fixin's, cocoa and hot dogs!  

The word dogs brings me to the one thing I loath about fall.....burrs!  Those nasty little remains of the weeds that didn't get pulled!  Did you ever think about how many different types of burrs there are!  Those little round ones that find their way deep into poodle hair....or the ones that have spurs on the end, they get tangled up in those beautiful ear feathers and my clothes!  

Our motto is to not kennel our dogs....freedom!  Which is all well but when fall rolls into town, this is when I begin to question my sanity on the freedom issue.  I know...Poodles ARE hunting dogs, so yes they are going to get burrs into their hair and I know that the Continental cut is the original hunting cut....but I doubt strongly those hunters had 8 or more inches of hair on those dogs!  Okay, I said it..... They must have kept those dogs shaved down and those in continental's didn't have hair that required banding.

Right now I don't have any of my Poodles in a continental.  Although I am trying to grow hair, so it has become like the kindergarten class coming in from outdoors.  Instead of taking off boots and hanging jackets; I'm riffling through hair.  I must look like a Police Officer frisking a suspect to my neighbors!  Checking ears, legs, tails for contraband! 

So to curtail freedom or deal with those little nasty burrs?  After a long discussion with my hubby the hard decision was made.......allow them freedom.  This is a major deal because it means checking and brushing out 6 poodles several times a day.  Now some people would say "crazy" and actually I'd be inclined to agree with them on some fronts.  It is so important to me that my dogs are mentally/physically a champion as well as in conformation. Please don't think I am getting down on others who have their dogs in runs.....by no means!  Like raising a child, there are many ways to parent.....well there are many ways to raise Poodles.  This is MY choice and MY preference.  So given that it is MY choice, I am ordering extra combs and brushes, so when they come in I can just sit on the floor in the kitchen rather then running to the grooming room every time.

I started this post with I love Fall......I still love Fall but I think I'm ready for a strong north wind to come through!  Blowing off the burrs that cling for dear life on the limps of the weeds that surround our property.  I say DIE to seeds that create those weeds, that when their flower fades leaves behind my nemesis, burrs! 

So the next time you come back from a glorious fall hike and are brushing out your dog.....suddenly you feel a small burr entangled in that 'like gold' Poodle hair; remember Round UP!  I'm planning ahead for next year!  Purchased a gallon and a sprayer!  I am all about organic but in this case.....It's war!

Fall, Frost, Freedom, Burrs or Bust!   

AuthorKaren Winters