Winter Rut


There is a certainty of winter…..getting stuck in a rut.  I’m not talking about a snow packed rut in the road!

When the calendar rolls back to November; Winters Wind, winds down our show schedule.  The holidays come so quickly and we made a conscience effort early on to spend this time with our family and savor the time between Thanksgiving and New Year.

The path that becomes my rut begins around December 15th.  I’m usually ready for Christmas; gifts are wrapped, candies and cookies lay snug in the freezer waiting to be placed on trays for holiday merriment.  It’s now that I begin to sneak peeks at upcoming shows…knowing that I made a commitment to wait until January to hit the circuit once again.   Everyday I find myself, looking to see what has been posted.

My rut deepens as the snow of December.  January is a hard month to travel, let alone with six show poodles.  I drive my mind down my rutted path, frustrated because I know that it will be February before we are on the road once again.  The money is always a snug fit rather like my jeans, after Christmas!  So the rut expands….no bun intended!

I now am scanning the February shows, praying for good weather and finally…..a date appears!  “YES!” I exclaim to the poodles scattered like throw rugs on the floor around me.  I eagerly begin to fill in the forms, choosing the classes and calculating the entry fees.  It isn’t just the fees; the travel trailer is up to its tires in snow; which means hotels.  The dreaded “H” word, finding a hotel that will allow dogs is one trick, but multiple dogs….that’s another wave of the magic wand!

“Abracadabra” and as luck would have it….a hotel emerges from the abyss.  The price is right and they will take my poodle party! 

Now it’s a matter of waiting for the month of January to fly by like the snow flakes pas my window. 

Then it’s “SHOW TIME” once again!

Stay tuned…..the year is just launching!

AuthorKaren Winters