Iowa suffered like most places in the country with a miserable winter!  Need I say more?  Everyone at Winters Wind had cabin fever and poodles with the fever is BAD!  The two latest puppies, Siri and Aragon have been dubbed "Thing One and Thing Two"; The Cat In The Hat had box he could use to make them go away...... I can not!  My wood trim in my home has been gnawed and chewed, I think this is quite rude!  There are marks on my doors and on my floors.  I just don't think I can take any more!  That is my Dr. Seuss take on cabin fever puppies :)

Spring is here I need to move on past my Dr. Seuss phase onto the pleasant weather that is coming.  Oh my, I spy a yard that is a muddy mush pit!  The Poodles love it however the mess it makes.......well I could go all Dr. Seuss again!  So today, my ever supportive hubby( or my white knight), ordered 6 tons of pea gravel for the pens.  It's coming on Friday..... so get out the shovels, not snow shovels folks but coal shovel!  It's time to spread gravel at our house.  I'm actually very excited, because it means the pups, Thing One and Thing Two can romp and play....OUTSIDE!

Our show schedule is beginning and I am so ready to take to the ring!  We are very excited about the abilities of both "Thing One and Thing Two"   Poor puppies will forever carry that tag with them!

Well go out and enjoy the beauty and wonder of Spring.  But Beware there is "Thing 1 and Thing 2" lurking out there :)

AuthorKaren Winters